How Long Does a Suspended License Stay on Your Record in Ontario?

A conviction for driving with a license suspended on your driving record in Ontario can have significant consequences beyond the immediate suspension period. It is like a shadow that follows you, leaving a mark on your driving record. 

So, let us guide you as we delve into how long does license suspension stay on record in Ontario, unravelling its implications beyond just driving. 

How long does a suspended license stay on your record in Ontario?

When it comes to the duration of a license suspension on your record in Ontario, there is a difference between a conviction for driving with a suspended license in Ontario and a conviction for a driving violation that leads to a licence suspension.

For a conviction of driving while under suspension, the suspension itself will stay on your record indefinitely. It is considered a separate offence and will permanently impact your driving history.

On the other hand, for a conviction related to a driving violation (such as stunt driving charge or DUI) that leads to a licence suspension, the duration of the suspension itself may vary. The suspension period typically depends on the specific offence and can range from a few months to several years.

However, it’s important to understand that while the suspension period for a driving violation may have a specified duration, the actual conviction and associated offence will remain on your driving record indefinitely. It means that even after the suspension period has ended, the conviction for the driving violation will still be a permanent part of your driving history.

And this permanence has significant implications, as it can have long-term consequences and impact future driving-related matters. Let’s find out which exactly.

Consequences of Suspended License for Subsequent Offences

One of the significant implications of having a conviction for driving under suspension on your record is the heightened penalties and consequences for subsequent offences. 

Each subsequent offence committed while driving with a suspended license in Ontario can result in increased fines, longer licence suspensions, and more severe penalties.

It is crucial to note that accumulating additional convictions on top of an existing suspended licence conviction can have a compounding effect, leading to more significant legal and financial consequences. 

So, as mentioned, the timing of the convictions plays a crucial role in determining the penalties. Let’s consider a hypothetical scenario of a second conviction for better understanding:

  • Penalties for multiple convictions: Under Section 53 of the HTA, multiple convictions for driving while under suspension in Ontario lead to escalating penalties. Fines increase and additional penalties such as jail time may be considered, especially if you have prior convictions.
  • Impact of prior convictions: Whether you have prior convictions or not can significantly impact the severity of the penalties imposed. The Justice of the Peace, who decides on the penalties, takes these prior convictions into account.
  • Timing of convictions: The key factor is the timing of your prior convictions for driving while suspended, specifically the 5-year mark from your last conviction. Here’s how it affects the penalties:
    • 2nd conviction within 5 years: If your current 2nd conviction occurs within five years of your first conviction, it is considered a second conviction. This results in harsher penalties, including increased fines and a higher likelihood of facing jail time.
    • 2nd conviction after 5 years: If your current second conviction happens more than five years after your first conviction, it is treated as a first conviction. This leads to less severe consequences, such as lower fines and a reduced likelihood of jail time.

Impact of the Licence Suspensions on Insurance

Another critical aspect affected by a suspended licence conviction is your auto insurance. Insurance companies view a conviction for driving while suspended as a risk factor, which can impact your insurance rates and coverage options.

Having a conviction for driving with a suspended licence may result in higher insurance premiums as insurers perceive you as a higher-risk driver. Additionally, some insurers may limit coverage or even deny coverage altogether due to the conviction.

In summary, a suspended license conviction in Ontario has long-lasting repercussions. It remains on your record indefinitely, impacting insurance rates, future driving matters and leading to harsher penalties for subsequent offences. 

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👉How long do suspensions stay on driving record Ontario?

In Ontario, a conviction for driving under suspension remains on your driving record indefinitely. It does not automatically disappear after a specific period like other driving infractions.

👉Can I drive after my 90 day suspension Ontario?

After the completion of a 90-day suspension in Ontario, you are typically allowed to drive again. However, it is important to ensure that your license has been reinstated before getting back on the road.

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