When Do You Need A Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

Best Traffic Ticket Lawyers VS Best General Lawyers

You got busted for speeding or careless driving, now what? Now the only thing you want to know is who can help you to get rid of this offence and win the case. Of course, asking your lawyer, who helps with your document flow or some business-related procedures or even criminal charges, to fight your traffic ticket in court, might be not the best option. And we’ll tell you why.

Let’s pretend that someone has problems with eyes. In this case, he/she doesn’t ask his/her cardiologist to help them to treat their eye disease. Instead, the person goes to an ophthalmologist, who specializes in eye and vision care, right? 

Both cardiologist and ophthalmologist are doctors and they know the general principles of functioning of our body, but they have different specialization and experience in their own spheres. Theoretically, a cardiologist can recommend some treatment for your eyes, but he can’t guarantee positive results. The same logic applies to lawyers, paralegals, and traffic ticket lawyers. Basically, your family lawyer or paralegal could help when you’re charged with a traffic violation, but who knows if he/she is going to succeed with it.

Why Traffic Ticket Lawyer Might Be The Best Option For You

As you may understand, the first and main reason is experience. Unlike the general lawyer or paralegal, the lawyer for traffic tickets faces cases related to traffic violations only on a regular basis. They’ve been working with it for many years and know a traffic law (the Highway Traffic Act) inside and out. Whereas most lawyers are regularly dealing with civil, criminal etc. laws and don’t have the possibility to perfectly study and implement all HTA peculiarities in court. Practice makes perfect, remember?

In fact, there might be lawyers who cover their real experience with fake reviews, and in reality, have never dealt with traffic violations directly in court… and you may be his/her first client in this domain. Are you sure that you can entrust him with your driving freedom?

Moreover, the best traffic ticket lawyers attend traffic courts, study each judge’s tactics and each prosecutor’s approaches, and styles of negotiation, and talk with police officers almost daily. They master their craft, gain invaluable knowledge and experience, while trying to understand a given issue from different angles and points of view. All these factors dramatically increase your chances to get the desired results in court. 

The majority of lawyers usually have dozens of cases in civil or criminal law and you’ll need to wait in a long line. And at the same time, they typically charge 3-4 times more money for their services, than traffic lawyers. Isn’t it a bulletproof reason for you to choose a specialized professional?

Traffic Ticket Lawyers And Criminal Convictions

It is also worth mentioning that traffic violation lawyers can resolve charges with criminal convictions and serious jail time. So, don’t worry if you need such kind of support. They know all the aspects, methods of law enforcement, and court procedures that can help you to avoid a criminal record.

How To Choose The Best Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Okay, this is a tricky question because obviously the authors of this article are a bit biased:-)

But nevertheless, whenever it comes to choosing a traffic ticket lawyer you need to pay close attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Experience. The bigger – the better. 
  2. Specialty. Hire the lawyer who specializes in the types of cases similar to yours (traffic violations).
  3. Cost-effectiveness. Traffic ticket lawyers are generally more affordable compared to other lawyers, who charge relatively huge sums of money for their work. You need only traffic law professionals. 

At X-COPS, for the last 20 years, we’ve been rendering high-quality services to citizens across Canada. Since the very beginning, traffic ticket cases and driving violations have been our main and SINGLE focus. 

For us, our clients are all valuable partners and no way around it. When we initially consult them and tell our price for services, we always take into account a person’s current life and financial situation because staying human and providing support to each other is what really matters these days.

Fighting for the best possible outcome in each case is a matter of honor for us. Call us for an absolutely FREE consultation today with one of the traffic ticket experts!

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