HOV Lane Ticket

HOV Lane Ticket London

We’ve all been there, right? It’s really a great temptation to quickly just get a jump on traffic by merging into the high occupancy lane and arrive at your destination faster.

But all of you know that there are some rules, which you need to consider before entering and exiting the lane with diamond markers, otherwise, HOV lane ticket is unavoidable.

What is HOV Lane

High Occupancy Vehicle lanes (HOV lanes) help to control traffic and move more people on the highways (usually the biggest and busiest ones). Usually, they’re far left lanes with pavement markings on the road (diamond markers and striped buffer zone). 

HOV lanes are allowed to use for certain types of vehicles that are carrying more than 2 people (including the driver), namely:

  • cars (with 2 and more people inside);
  • vehicles with a length less than 6.5 meters and gross weight max. 4,500 kg;
  • vehicles towing trailers if the length doesn’t exceed  6.5 meters.

Some vehicles have unrestricted access to HOV lanes, despite the number of passengers:

  • busses (even if the driver is alone);
  • licensed taxicabs;
  • limousine;
  • emergency vehicle and vehicles in the lawful performance of their duties;
  • vehicles with “green” plates (electric vehicles);
  • motorcycles.

If you don’t belong to any of the abovementioned vehicles and if you get caught on HOV lane or entering or exiting it, you’ll be convicted of carpool violation. 

Penalties for Improper HOV Lane Use

Once you’ve got a carpool lane ticket / HOV lane ticket London, you may face the following consequences:

  • (3) three demerit points;
  • fine of $110;
  • the possibility of insurance rates increasing.

It is regulated by the Highway Traffic Act, section 154. HOV lane usage is controlled by OPP officers, they’re monitoring the situation in specialized enforcement pockets, which are located along the HOV corridors. And in case of violation, they stop vehicles and issue traffic tickets to drivers.

We think that you already know, but just to remind you, if you pay the HOV lane fine or plead guilty, a conviction will be registered on your driving record. Thus, insurance will utilize it to increase your premiums, depending on your policy. But for insurance purposes, it can be considered as a minor conviction. 

We, as experts in this field, don’t recommend you to plead guilty or to pay money. There is always a way to beat carpool lane violation and we know how to do it!

How to Fight a Ticket for Improper Use of HOV Lane in London

Step 1: Hire a knowledgeable paralegal with excellent expertise and forget about your problem. The expert will examine your case and give you the best solution with a perfect defense strategy for your HOV violation.


Step 2: File your traffic ticket with a court and get the meeting date with a prosecutor. The prosecutor may suggest you reduce your fine or offence. In case you accept it, you’ll automatically plead guilty. If not – you go to trial. 

Step 3: Trial procedure. Before going to trial make sure that you’re ready to argue your case. Prepare questions to the police officer, who issues a ticket for you, and try to persuade all participants that the situation was different (as compared to the words of a policeman). 

To proceed with every step by yourself you need to familiarize yourself with Highway Traffic Act, ONTARIO REGULATION 620/05, and court procedures.

This will take a huge amount of your time and you won’t have any guarantee of getting a successful result on your case. Because high expertise and experience in fighting HOV tickets are required.

Each case has its own specifics and there is no one common scheme on how to fight it. 

The most reliable way to protect your interests during the court procedure is the participation of our specialists on behalf of you! Why? Because X-COPS has 98% success rate in fighting HOV tickets in London and overall Ontario.

We’ve accumulated a unique experience that allows us to solve your problems with the least expenditure of time and effort. Call us NOW!

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