Driving Without a License

The vast territory of the country and the developed road network in Canada implies the presence of a driver’s licence for every adult resident of the country.

According to the Criminal Code of Canada and provincial laws, driving without license in Ontario is illegal and may result in severe punishments.

Let’s clarify what we’re talking about!

What is Driving Without a Licence

Everybody knows that to be legally allowed to drive, you must hold the licence for driving a certain class of motor vehicle. According to the Highway Traffic Act, section 33 (1), each driver shall carry his/her licence with him/her every time he/she operates a motor vehicle.

If you’re holding a driver’s licence, but it expires and you don’t renew it, you could be convicted of driving without a valid license. You won’t be arrested for simply forgetting to take your wallet before getting to drive, but it’s more serious if you’re consciously driving without driving license or driving with expired license in Vaughan. 

Penalty for Driving Without a License in Vaughan

If you’re convicted of driving without license on you in Vaughan, you may face the following penalties:

  • A fine at least $200 and up to $1,000;
  • Vehicle impoundment for 7 days (including novice drivers);
  • Conviction on your driving record for 3 years;
  • Increased insurance rates.

Insurance companies can utilize your driving record history (in case of conviction) and increase your premiums significantly. 

Important: Whenever a driver chooses to operate a motor vehicle without licence, insurance doesn’t cover in case of an accident. So whoever is getting behind a wheel without licence is risking to get personally sued and could potentially have to be responsible to pay for physical and material damages. 

As you see, getting caught driving without a license can influence on your bank account as well as your ability to drive.

In reality, there could be a lot of reasons why drivers may be caught driving without license. Some of them may have a revoked or suspended licence (due to different reasons). Some people even might not have their licence at all because they have never applied for it, or their licence could be expired. A driver can simply forget to grab his/her wallet and, in case of being stopped by a police officer, he/she won’t be able to show his/her licence. In such situations drivers will have an opportunity to show it later at a certain date – this is obligational, otherwise, you won’t avoid punishment.

Every case has its own specifics, requires attention to details and knowledge of current legislation in this field. If you want to avoid a fine for driving without license we recommend to consult with a professional traffic tickets lawyer. Working with paralegal will increase your chances to get rid of the offence and keep your driving record clean.

How to Fight a Ticket for Driving Without License

Step 1: As recommended, the best option for you will be to hire an experienced paralegal, who will prepare a good strategy for your case, considering all peculiarities.


Step 2: If you can’t or don’t want to hire a traffic ticket paralegal, you need to be ready to prepare everything by yourself and spend your time to go to the court (it takes around 2-3 court visits to fight any ticket). You must file your ticket with a court to receive a date with a prosecutor to negotiate possible reduction of your charge for driving car without license.

Step 3: Show up at trial and be ready to be questioned about that day when you were caught driving without proof of license or without licence. You should also prepare your own questions, addressed to a police officer, who issued a ticket. Your questions must be aimed to get such answers which confirms that the situation, described by a policeman differs from reality. 

Frankly speaking, it’s not all about the procedure. Each case is different and there can’t be a universal scheme how to beat ticket for not having license. We strongly recommend you to contact us and we’ll make sure to develop for you the methodical strategy exactly for your case. We’re experts in this field, and therefore we know all the nuances, legislation and have a serious judicial practice that must be taken into account when protecting your interests in court.

Our experience is your safety and clean driving record. Call us for professional support, without unnecessary nerves and hefty fines! 

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