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Is Careless Driving a Criminal Offense in Ontario?

Is careless driving a criminal offense in Ontario? Let’s explore it together, considering every legal aspect of the charge!

Careless Driving vs Dangerous Driving: Differences and Consequences in Ontario

When it comes to driving offences in Ontario, understanding the difference between careless and dangerous driving is crucial. Although the two terms may sound similar, they have different meanings and entail different legal consequences. That’s why every driver needs to know the difference to make informed decisions while driving and better understand the legal outcomes of their actions. 

Ontario Court of Justice: Full List of Municipal Provincial Offences Courts in Ontario

For your convenience, we’ve prepared all provincial Ontario courts list with their contacts. Each Ontario courthouse has its own website where you can file and/or pay your traffic tickets online. But remember, if you pay – you automatically accept your guilt and there is usually no turning back.

How to Get Stunt Driving Charges Dropped in Ontario?

Can stunt driving charges be dropped in Ontario? Let’s investigate the main ways to make it happen together!

Stunt Driving Lawyer – When do you need one in 2023?

You got busted for stunt driving, now what? Now the only thing you want to know is who can help you to get rid of this offence and win the case. Of course, asking your lawyer, who helps with your document flow or some business-related procedures or even criminal charges, to fight your traffic ticket in court, might be not the best option. And we’ll tell you why.

Demerit Points Ontario Explained

Some think that it’s very difficult to understand Ontario driving points, right? In this article, we promise you to ensure a full understanding of this system. 
Because no matter how good a driver you are, you always have a chance to be caught by police for various driving violations… And in this case (frankly, not only in this case) it’s essential to understand the consequences and the mechanism of the demerit system Ontario.

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