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    X-COPS – a small paralegal firm with driving violations and traffic charges speciality. An exceptional team of skilful paralegals, former prosecutors and police officers who decided to use their unparalleled practical experience and expertise with ONE single goal – helping people to fight traffic tickets in Toronto and defend their freedom in the best way possible.

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    • We are specialists.We’re focused on traffic tickets and driving violations only.

    • We don’t let our customers wait in a large queue. We devote sufficient time to everyone and personalize our services depending on the peculiarities of each case.

    • We provide our clients with a personal number of the traffic ticket paralegal they are working with to ensure they always have support in any situation.

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    Failing To Stop For A School Bus

    Prosecutors and judges treat this charge as a serious offence. Thus they won’t just drop such a ticket. You may get 6 demerit points, licence suspension, and fines up to $4,000. Professional support is a must.

    Failure To Stop At Red Light

    Instead of paying $325 and getting 3 demerit points, call the best traffic lawyer Toronto, explain your situation and develop the defence strategy. It will save your money, time and nerves.

    Failure To Report An Accident

    It is required by the law to report accidents that involve property damage or personal injuries over $2,000. If you don’t comply, you can get fine, demerit points and even more serious consequences. Don’t plead guilty without talking to a lawyer.

    Failure To Move Over For Emergency Vehicle

    If you’re charged with the move over ticket, you can face the following penalties: 3 demerit points, fines up to $2,000 and licence suspension for up to 2 years. Seek for the help of the best traffic ticket fighters Toronto to check your best possible outcome.

    Careless Driving

    Careless driving ticket is quite a serious traffic violation, covering a lot of different offences and involving huge fines (up to $50,000) and imprisonment. That’s why it is strongly recommended not to try to handle it alone, but to get the professional support of Toronto traffic tickets fighters, who will go to court on your behalf.

    Driving Under Suspension

    Another serious ticket. Once you’ve had a temptation to drive while under suspension, you need to be ready to hire an experienced traffic ticket paralegal. Otherwise, you’ll end up with fines or your driving licence suspension for up to 6 months or imprisonment or even both.

    Driving Without Insurance

    It is forbidden by the law to operate a motor vehicle without valid insurance. If you don’t comply you may face big financial losses: fines can be up to $25,000, 50% insurance premiums increase. In case of subsequent conviction driver’s licence suspension for up to 1 year is unavoidable. Do you need more reasons to hire traffic lawyers Toronto and get professional support in ticket defence?

    Disobey Stop Sign

    A conviction for disobeying sign ticket will stay on your driving record for 2 years, might result in 3 demerit points and in $110 fine. Even if it looks like a “simple” ticket for you, it’s not so easy to develop an effective defence strategy and get rid of the offence without the help of traffic tickets paralegals.

    Stunt Driving

    Although it’s not a criminal offence, the penalties and consequences of stunt driving in Toronto are quite severe. Vehicle seizure and licence suspension, jail up to 6 months, fine range from $2,000 to $10,000 … and that’s not the whole list. X-COPS knows how to deal with such traffic ticket Toronto and can help to save your driving licence and history.

    Fail to Remain

    Every driver is required to remain at the scene of an accident and report about it. Otherwise, 7 demerit points and licence suspension are inevitable. If you’ve got such offence do not hesitate to get a FREE consultation from X-COPS and possible solutions for your case.

    Improper Driving Violations

    Don’t lose your chance to get rid of an improper driving traffic ticket in Toronto. Save up to $500 fines, 4 demerit points and keep your driving record clean with X-COPS.

    Distracted Driving

    Do you like eating, texting, calling, reading, etc. while driving? Be ready to spend at least $610 for fines and get your licence suspended for up to 30 days. Distracted driving is strictly controlled by the government that’s why prosecutors are very severe in handling such tickets. Support from professionals is recommended.

    Seat Belt Ticket

    Every driver and all his passengers under the age of 16 should wear seat belts in the proper way while driving. If not – you may face penalties up to $1,000 and 2 demerit points. This traffic ticket has some specifics and, when it comes to fighting it, it’s better to rely on professional legal advice from traffic paralegals from X-COPS.

    Driving Without a License

    A conviction for driving without a driver’s licence will stay on driving record for 3 years and may result in $1,000 fine. Cooperation with traffic lawyers will increase your chances to get rid of the offence and keep your pocket full. Contact X-COPS for fighting your ticket now.

    Speeding Tickets

    Despite the fact that it is one of the most “popular” violations in Canada, exceeding speed limits has serious consequences that include up to 6 demerit points, fines (depend on the kilometres over the speed limit), licence suspension etc. Hiring traffic tickets experts is the best way to reduce your chances to get max. penalties in the court.

    HOV Lane Ticket

    The fine for this ticket is $110, but don’t hurry up to pay it. Keep in mind that it’ll stay on your driving record that will significantly influence your insurance rates. Hire a knowledgable paralegal and forget about this ticket. X-COPS has a vast experience in handling such offences.

    We’re On Your Side

    Frankly speaking, we have the same goals as you:

    Save your money

    When you decide to pay your traffic ticket, eventually it might cost you a lot of money. First of all, you’ll need to pay the ticket fine (which automatically results in an admission of guilt). Secondly, you’ll end up with demerit points on your driving record, which leads to another problem – increased insurance rates for several years. It’s relevant not only for serious violations, but often even small convictions result in insurance premium increase. Hence, you’re risking ending up with quite unfavorable consequences, especially if you decide to go to court alone. On the other hand, by utilizing our experts’ experience, you’ll be able to raise the probability of the positive outcome in court and, as a result, significantly increase the chances of saving money for yourself.

    Save your time

    When you hire us, you avoid wasting time for making your own research, preparing facts, arguments, and statements for court procedures. Our team will handle the entire process instead of you – we’ll prepare a strategy, documents, and effectively represent your interests in court. X-COPS – your reliable ticket fighter in Toronto!

    Save your driver’s licence

    The ability to preserve all your driving privileges is extremely valuable nowadays. Especially taking into account traffic conditions in the city of Toronto. Suspended driver’s licence is a real nightmare for every driver, and hence should be avoided at all costs, if possible. Partnering with X-cops could genuinely be the best option given our track record, team, and speciality.

    David M.

    Fighting my cell phone ticket with X-cops was easy and convenient. I was able to electronically submit my ticket with the court by simply sending a picture of my ticket to X-cops. I was informed about every step of the process and important dates via email and text messages. Very happy with a service and final result of my case dismissed. Highly recommended paralegal service.

    Ksenia V.

    I was involved in an accident where I received a Careless Driving charge. X-Cops advised me of all possible consequences and steps necessary to be taken to get the best possible result. I was able to save demerit points, reduce my total payable fine and prevent my insurance rate from being increased. Very reliable and professional service.

    Nuno R.

    X-cops helped me deal with charges for driving without insurance and driving while my licence was suspended. I could never imagine that paralegals could be so meticulous and find deficiencies with how I was charged with above mentioned offences which ultimately considered them nil and not valid. Successful dismissal is a result I least expected. These guys know what they are doing.

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