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    X-COPS are skilled legal professionals who are proud of what we do. We work heartily to resolve our clients’ driving offences. Our traffic ticket specialists (former policemen, prosecutors and paralegals) have over 20 years of experience and unparalleled feasible knowledge to pour into your defence and provide you with the most effective solution for your case.

    Why people chose us among a variety of traffic ticket paralegals in Barrie?

    • We are specialists. We do not cover all legal areas and segments to provide our clients with high-end services in fighting motor vehicle violations and traffic tickets as fast as possible.

    • Every client is important to us. We dedicate enough sufficient time to each case and doesn’t make our customers wait.

    • We provide continuous support to our customers during the whole process.Our specialists are reachable at any moment with a personal phone number.

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    Fail to Remain

    Consequences and liability are quite severe for failure to remain traffic ticket. Get comprehensive consultation from a professional as soon as possible to improve an outcome for your case.

    HOV Lane Ticket

    Before paying a fine of $110 and pleading guilty, get a FREE consultation on your case from X-COPS team. There is always a way to get your traffic ticket dismissed.

    Failure To Move Over For Emergency Vehicle

    A subsequent offence may cost you up to a $4,000 penalty, jail time up to 6 months and possible driver’s licence suspension for up to 2 years + 3 demerit points. Do you still need more reasons to get professional support of a traffic tickets paralegal?

    Failure To Stop At Red Light

    Before giving up, getting 3 demerit points, and paying a penalty of $325, get a FREE consultation from X-COPS and check possible outcomes for your case.

    Speeding Tickets

    The consequences of being convicted for speeding vary depending on the rate of speed and class of licence. But, anyway, they are not pleasant and will affect your insurance premiums. Don’t go to court alone; seek legal advice from traffic ticket experts in Barrie!

    Driving Without a License

    Driving without a licence will influence your ability to drive, as well as your wallet. To avoid vehicle impoundment and a fine up to $1,000, call a trusted traffic ticket lawyer and discuss your possible options.

    Seat Belt Ticket

    2 demerit points, fine up to $1,000 and affection on your insurance rates. Let us save you from additional expenditures. Our professionals are ready to fight to get your charge reduced or dismissed.

    Distracted Driving

    Texting to your friend while driving in Barrie may cost you minimum of $615, 3 demerit points, and your licence will be suspended. Your chances to reduce your charge are relatively low if you don’t have support from a traffic ticket paralegal.

    Improper Driving Violations

    We’ve successfully defended thousands of individuals’ charges with improper driving tickets throughout the Ontario. Each case is unique and requires an understanding of how the legal system works. Thus we do not recommend fighting such traffic tickets alone.

    Stunt Driving

    Once you’ve got a ticket for stunt driving, it is in your best interest to call to experienced traffic ticket lawyer to avoid 6 demerit points, massive fines (from $2,000 to $10,000), vehicle seizure, licence suspension and possible imprisonment. Professional court representation is a must!

    Disobey Stop Sign

    A conviction for disobeying stop signs will stay on your driving record forever. Don’t lose your chance to fight your traffic ticket with X-COPS in Barrie.

    Driving Without Insurance

    Driving without insurance is illegal and can be very expensive. A penalty starts from $6,255.00, and be sure that your insurance company will utilize your conviction to raise your rates minimum by 50%. Our licensed paralegals know how to tackle such traffic tickets.

    Driving Under Suspension

    If you don’t want want to end up with a colossal fine, licence suspension and jail – having an experienced traffic ticket paralegal on your side is a must.

    Careless Driving

    It’s a very “popular” traffic ticket in Canada, but don’t rely on discounts. A conviction for careless driving may result in a penalty from $490 to $2,000, 6 demerit points, imprisonment and possible licence suspension. Too high stakes to fight it alone. Get legal support of a traffic lawyer in Barrie!

    Failure To Report An Accident

    In case of conviction, you’ll face a fine of $85 and get 3 demerit points on your driving record. Along with it, your insurance company can increase your premiums by more than 25% for the next 3 years. It worth fighting!

    Failing To Stop For A School Bus

    This is a severe traffic offence, and the consequences will be grave: 6 demerit points, a fine of $400 – 4,000, jail time (for the 2nd offence) and licence suspension. Legal representation is highly recommended.

    We’re On Your Side

    X-COPS – your credible traffic ticket experts in Barrie! We are here to:

    Save your money

    We’re not interested in your raised insurance rates and paying fines. Our goal is to decrease your expenditures with the best results for you. Due to our flat fee, you won’t have any surprises in the end. 

    Save your time

    All paperwork, development of defence strategy, and all those legal processes related to your case are no longer your headache. We’ll do everything instead of you and represent your interests in court on your behalf to fight your traffic ticket.

    Save your driver’s licence

    Fоr every person in Canada, driving became an essential part of their lives. It gives autonomy and personal control. Even such simple things as going out somewhere during the day or being in time for a doctor’s visit are made much easier by owning a car and driver’s licence. It improves people’s quality of life – that’s one of the most important things. We truly understand it. That’s why our mission is to help people to save their ability to drive. Our team is trained to be the best in the industry. And due to our extensive experience, we get 98% success in court.

    Er.Nitin mankotia
    Being an international student it’s scary when you end up in situation where you have been charged with speeding offence. Its hard to stress upon that how important it is to have a clear driving record for applying numerous jobs here in Canada. I was in a similar situation where every person advised me accordingly to there personal experiences in past which varied person to person. In that confused state I came across x-cops @vlad helped me with professional advice and which convinced me to opt there professional services. They took care of all the actions needed and regular updates regarding my case kept in safe state of mind. I am not a person who gives feedbacks, but this incident with me made me do it specially for international community who are not much aware of laws in Canada.
    Barbara Eastcott
    I am extremely satisfied with my result using X-COPS and in particular with Vlad Stetsyk. I was issued a ticket in May of last year and felt that there were circumstances contributing to it that were out of my control. I have had a perfect driving record for 54 years and hated to loose 2 points for this ticket. I contacted X-COPS for help and am happy to say that the judge dismissed the charge and entered an acquittal. So I have no fine, no loss of points and no consequence to my insurance. Vlad was always been there for me to answer my questions and smoothly worked through all of the court details. I thought the fee was reasonable as well for the excellent outcome. I hope I never need them again but I highly recommend their services.
    R S
    Excellent service and advice is straight forward to the point 👉 they don't want to simply take your case but also make sure u can get the help you need !
    Dritan Gjinaj
    Extremely quick responding and handling the matter. Very fair and integrity . Strongly recommended
    D Bacchin
    Vlad was very knowledgeable and very professional. The service was excellent. Thank you!!
    Claudia Calle
    I'm very pleased with the service, specifically from Vlad. He did a very good job with my ticket and highly recommend anyone to go with X-cops.
    Victoria Marush
    Extremely happy with their paralegal services. I am using their services for several years. Very detailed explanation of the process. I had my latest ticket dismissed and could not be more satisfied with a positive result. Highly recommended team.
    Taavi Tamtik
    It was my pleasure to work with Vlad Stetsyk from X-COPS... During the first phone call, around a year ago, Vlad patiently explained what steps will be taken and openly shared how situation can end up - no empty promises. A year later, my traffic case has been dismissed and I can move forward with my life with peace of mind. Definitely recommend Vlad Stetsyk and X-COPS team:)
    Pavel Solodovnikov
    This is a very professional company, I'm glad I took the chance and decided to go ahead with my ticket, I am 100% satisfied with the service, and I would recommend it to anyone needing to fight a ticket! They did all the work for me with a complete success rate. Thank you again!
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