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Traffic ticket lawyers in Markham

X-COPS is a trusted traffic paralegal company with a proven track record of successfully resolved cases in court. Our specialization is traffic offences and driving violations. We are a professional team of licensed paralegals, ex-police officers and prosecutors. X-COPS has developed procedures, the expert base of technicalities and defence strategies during over 20 years of representing our clients in court. And we are ready to provide you with the best traffic ticket lawyers in Markham.

Why X-COPS superior to the other traffic ticket paralegals in Markham?

  • We are expertsOur mastery is in fighting traffic tickets and driving violations. We don’t grasp cases, not related to this sphere.

  • We don’t make our customers wait and respond right away. We will take all the required time to review your case from different points of view and create a custom defence strategy.

  • We guarantee responsive service and communication through a personal number of our traffic paralegal to guide you through the emotional experience of getting a traffic ticket as well as though all difficulties of court procedures.

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Failing To Stop For A School Bus

Failing to stop for a school bus is treated as a very serious offence and consequences are often very severe: 6 demerit points, fines up to $4,000, jail, licence suspension. Traffic ticket lawyer support is mandatory.

Failure To Stop At Red Light

If you accumulate a certain quantity of demerit points you may face licence suspension or get it revoked. Call X-COPS for a free consultation and check how to avoid it.

Failure To Report An Accident

If charged with fail to report an accident, we do not recommend paying the ticket or going to the court without professional legal consultation. Insurance will utilize your conviction and could increase your premiums by 25% (at least) for the next 6 years.

Failure To Move Over For Emergency Vehicle

If you fail to move over for emergency vehicle, you may end with 3 demerit points, max. $2,000 fines and possible licence suspension. Hire an experienced traffic ticket specialist to determine the most appropriate course of action to fight your charge.

Careless Driving

Careless driving charges are rigorously controlled by the CA government and are not treated as minor or even regular offences. Moreover, it may result in a driver’s licence suspension. That’s why fighting such tickets is quite a delicate task.

Driving Under Suspension

Licence suspension for 6 months is mandatory in case of conviction for driving while under suspension. X-COPS won’t let you lose your driving privilege, because we have essential knowledge of law enforcement methods to beat your charge in the best possible way.

Driving Without Insurance

Standard excuses don’t work in court anymore. Penalties are tough. Problems with insurance. We strongly recommend you to consult with a traffic lawyer to understand your options on how to beat your no insurance ticket.

Disobey Stop Sign

Since disobey stop sign ticket has an adverse effect on your driving history and insurance rates, paying fine ($110) and pleading guilty isn’t a good idea. Better to seek legal advice from traffic ticket paralegal and fight the charge together.

Stunt Driving

Stunt driving offence may destroy your driving record. Moreover, fines may vary from $2,000 to $10,000, your licence can be suspended for up to 2 years and jail is also possible. Save your driving freedom in cooperation with a team of legal professionals – X-COPS.

Fail to Remain

If you don’t want your licence to be suspended for up to 2 years and to be imprisoned for up to 6 months, we strongly suggest you contact X-COPS. Our team will assist you either to withdraw your charge or to decrease it to the minor offence at least.

Improper Driving Violations

Improper driving traffic tickets have some pitfalls and if you’re not well-aware of traffic laws and legislation, you may end up with 4 demerit points and $500 fine. Traffic tickets experts will find out the best possible approach to have your charge reduced or withdrawn, considering individual aspects.

Distracted Driving

3 days licence suspension for G drivers and 30 days – for G2 drivers for the first conviction. Minimum fine – $610. These are the reasons why you need to have legal representation.

Seat Belt Ticket

Fine for seat belt violation starts from $200 and 2 demerit points, but it remains on your driving history for 3 years. Save your money with the help of experienced traffic lawyers – X-COPS.

Driving Without a License

Once you’ve been caught driving without a licence, you have committed an offence which leads to fines up to $1,000 and conviction on your driving record for 3 years. We are always at hand to guide and represent you throughout the entire legal process.

Speeding Tickets

Everybody gets a speeding ticket sooner or later. You can defend your ticket by yourself, but will you succeed? That’s the question. Better to hire professionals to fight your charge and forget about it.

HOV Lane Ticket

Don’t take chances to get 3 demerit points and increase your insurance premiums significantly. Contact traffic ticket defenders Markham to get legal advice on your options.

We’re On Your Side

X-COPS team works diligently to resolve your legal predicaments and defend your rights. Also, we’re striving to:

Save your money

Our professional traffic lawyers have an expert understanding of court procedures so that it allows us to withdraw your charges or to reduce the offence to the minimum possible. Therefore, it helps you to avoid huge fines, the rise of insurance rates and save your wallet. 

Save your time

We will represent you throughout the legal process. You don’t need to spend your precious time for preparation of the documents, defence strategy and visiting court. We will do it for you.

Save your driver’s licence

We understand that having a suspended licence restricts your independence and mobility. That’s why we always implement the best possible defence strategies to fight your traffic ticket in Markham.

David M.

Fighting my cell phone ticket with X-cops was easy and convenient. I was able to electronically submit my ticket with the court by simply sending a picture of my ticket to X-cops. I was informed about every step of the process and important dates via email and text messages. Very happy with a service and final result of my case dismissed. Highly recommended paralegal service.

Ksenia V.

I was involved in an accident where I received a Careless Driving charge. X-Cops advised me of all possible consequences and steps necessary to be taken to get the best possible result. I was able to save demerit points, reduce my total payable fine and prevent my insurance rate from being increased. Very reliable and professional service.

Nuno R.

X-cops helped me deal with charges for driving without insurance and driving while my licence was suspended. I could never imagine that paralegals could be so meticulous and find deficiencies with how I was charged with above mentioned offences which ultimately considered them nil and not valid. Successful dismissal is a result I least expected. These guys know what they are doing.

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