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    Traffic ticket lawyers in Ottawa

    X-COPS – a paralegal firm that specializes on provincial traffic offences. We are a professional team of traffic violation lawyers, independent licensed paralegals and former police officers with over 20 years of experience who decided to resort to their unmatched practical knowledge and experience with one single goal – helping people in Ottawa area as well as all over Ontario to fight traffic tickets and advocate their driving privilege in the best way possible.

    Why people chose us as their traffic lawyers in Ottawa?

    • Speciality.
      Our firm is dedicated to traffic tickets and driving violations. We’re handling ONLY provincial offences according to the Highway Traffic Act.

    • Fast reaction.
      We respond promptly so that you don’t need to wait in a long line. We understand the importance of swift and decisive actions when it comes to fighting for your driving ability and saving money.

    • Communication.
      We report our clients about every detail and steps related to their case during the traffic ticket defence. Our paralegals can be reached at any time with their personal phone numbers.

    One more benefit of our traffic ticket lawyers

    We assist our clients literally everywhere: if necessary, we can arrange meeting at their home, we can come to their office during working hours or even meet after hours and on weekends.

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    Speeding Tickets

    It’s the most widespread traffic violation and penalties depend on km/h over the speed limit and class of your driving licence. Speeding ticket lawyer knows how to handle such cases with minimum losses.

    Fail to Remain

    According to the Highway Traffic Act, this is one of the most serious offences. The consequences are severe. Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer is a must. X-COPS provides free initial consultations!

    Failure To Move Over For Emergency Vehicle

    If you fail to pull over for an emergency vehicle, you may face various consequences such as getting 3 demerit points on your driving record, a fine up to $2,000 (if it’s 1st offence) and a possible licence suspension. Consultation of a traffic ticket lawyer in Ottawa is advisable.

    Failing To Stop For A School Bus

    Children’s safety is a top priority. That’s why a school bus ticket is a serious offence with severe consequences: 6 demerit points, 30 days licence suspension, a fine up to $4,000 and jail time (for the 2nd offence). Legal representation is strongly recommended.

    Failure To Stop At Red Light

    Insurance companies can utilize your red light ticket conviction and increase your premiums significantly. You could be perceived as a high-risk driver. Check with a driving ticket lawyer on how to avoid it.

    Failure To Report An Accident

    Every driver involved in an accident is required to report it if damage costs exceed $2,000. Otherwise fine, 3 demerit points and dramatically increased insurance rates for the next 3 years are unavoidable.

    Careless Driving

    A conviction for careless driving may cost you up to $2,000 in fines, 6 demerit points and jail time. Thus it is crucial to have the professional support of a licensed paralegal on your side.

    Driving Under Suspension

    This is a serious offence that may result in thousands of dollars in fines, six months driver’s licence suspension or even imprisonment. Consult with a traffic ticket specialist to understand your options on how to fight your ticket in a proper way.

    Driving Without Insurance

    If you’ve been charged with no insurance ticket, call X-COPS for a free consultation. Retaining professional help as soon as possible helps dramatically improve your chances of getting a victory in court and avoiding huge penalties.

    Disobey Stop Sign

    Even though it seems to be a minor violation, a conviction of disobeying a stop sign will remain on your driving record for the next three years.

    Stunt Driving

    If you’ve got a stunt driving ticket, obtain legal representation immediately. This will help you to avoid 6 demerit points, huge fines (from $2,000), licence suspension, vehicle impoundment and imprisonment.

    Improper Driving Violations

    At first sight, it seems like a not serious offence, but in reality, it involves fines, points and insurance premiums increase. Fighting such tickets require a deep understanding of traffic laws. Call your trusted traffic ticket paralegal in Ottawa to know your options.

    Distracted Driving

    Using your cell phone while driving will result in immediate 3 days licence suspension, points, a fine and a significant increase in your insurance rate. For subsequent offences, the consequences are harsher. Get professional help to fight the ticket!

    Seat Belt Ticket

    If you’re convicted for a seat belt violation, it doesn’t bring any demerit points. But any seat belt ticket will remain on your driving history for 3 years and it could be used by your insurance company to increase your premiums.

    Driving Without a License

    X-COPS is dealing with such traffic tickets almost every day. We know how to fight it to get the best possible outcome. Call for a free consultation!

    HOV Lane Ticket

    There is always a way to get your ticket dismissed or reduce the charge. Call X-COPS to check your possible scenarios.

    We’re On Your Side

    X-COPS – your reliable traffic lawyers in Ottawa! We are here to:

    Save your money

    We completely understand an importance of getting your case dismissed or reducing a charge. It is not in our interest to plead guilty on your behalf or to get a mediocre result on your case. We do our best to avoid your additional expenditures on fines and inflated insurance premiums. Moreover, due to our flat fee we make sure to provide you with an affordable legal representation.

    Save your time

    With our traffic ticket paralegals you can forget about all paperwork related to your case. When you hire X-COPS we prepare everything to fight your case and represent you in court. You don’t need to spend your precious time on it.

    Save your driver’s licence

    Maintaining your ability to drive and keeping your driving record clean is our holy grail. Because we know that in the current rhythm of life it’s very essential for every Canadian to preserve this privilege. That’s why we have only the best traffic lawyers in Ottawa who know the Provincial Offences court system inside and out and do their utmost to win your case and provide you with the best legal services. 

    Yaser Mirza
    Great work. My traffic violation charges were dismissed.
    Sheinaz Tajdin
    Best team ever! Thanks for all your dedication and perseverance. This is definitely the A-Team! This was such a long time and so much discussion. And yet this team did it. VLAD, FRANK AND TEAM, YOU ARE THE BEST! thank you for pushing thru and getting this entire case dismissed. This cop was in the wrong and I appreciate you getting the judge all the details and seeing the truth.
    Morning Pessimist
    Vlad and his team did an excellent job helping me. Not only were they understanding and patient in answering the questions that I had when I reached out to them, but they stuck with me throughout the entire process until a conclusion was reached that was everything I could've possibly hoped for. Legitimately Vlad went above and beyond to help me and I could not be more grateful.
    sundar Reddy
    Vlad from X Cops was very patient and listened carefully about my concern and helped me resolve my speeding conviction. Since the day I got my ticket to the day of court hearing he was just a phone call away and resolved my ticket. I gladly refer X cops to other clients.
    Mi Pm
    Excellent service. My light crossing ticket got dismissed. Thanks for the wonderful service
    Donna Rowe-Woodland
    These folks saved my bacon. I love you Vlad and your team of professionals. I highly recommend their services ❤️
    Leonardo Ortiz
    Great service, very professional, I highly recommend them
    Gino Colello
    I have a ticket in Quebec for crossing double line. I was interested in save the points only. Once other traffic ticket companies want to charge me first and talk later, Melinda from C-cops called me to let me know that crossing double line will NOT be reported to Ontario so I don’t need any defence lawyer, just paid the fine. Super Honest!!! Melinda, you ROCK!! Thank you so much!
    Omar Heikal
    Great Service
    Don’t just pay the fine or go to court alone


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