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    Traffic ticket lawyers in Milton

    X-COPS is an insightful and committed team of experienced paralegals, ex-police officers, and prosecutors focused on traffic tickets and driving violations. Our professionals trained to aggressively defend your driving rights as a CA motorist. We dedicated over 20 years to study traffic laws inside and out and develop the most effective defence strategies to protect your driving freedom. X-COPS is ready to provide you with the legal expertise required for your case anytime.

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    • We are specialistsWe’re handling ONLY traffic law violations. This is our main focus.

    • We provide individualized assistance to every client, and you don’t have to wait in a long line. We dedicate enough time to each case to discuss all possible options.

    • We’re with you from start to finish. Our paralegals are always in touch with their customers with their personal numbers to ensure round-the-clock support.

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    Failing To Stop For A School Bus

    According to the HTA, when reaching a stopped school bus with flashing red lights, you must come to a complete stop before approaching it. If not – you may face harsh consequences, including 6 demerit points, fine of $400 to $4,000, licence suspension and even jail time.

    Failure To Stop At Red Light

    Failing to stop at a red light may incur heavy penalties (up to $1,000) and 3 demerit points. Moreover, it stays on your driving record for 2 years. This, in turn, affects your insurance rates in a negative way.

    Failure To Report An Accident

    Failure to report an accident will result in a fine of $85 and 3 demerit points. Such conviction has some tricks related to the damaged property, so it’s recommended to get legal consultation on your case.

    Failure To Move Over For Emergency Vehicle

    Subsequent convictions for failing to move over will result in imprisonment, licence suspension and hefty fines (up to $2,000). Call trusted traffic violation lawyers to defend yourself from such harsh penalties.

    Careless Driving

    When it comes to cases involved careless driving, it is crucial to act quickly and get legal support as soon as possible. Otherwise, a conviction could mean jail time, driver’s licence suspension, heavy fines, inflated car insurance rates, + 6 demerit points on your record.

    Driving Under Suspension

    Driving with a suspended licence is illegal and carries serious penalties. You may get a fine of $5,000, up to 6 months of licence suspension and possible jail time. Thus it requires skilled defence in court. Having a traffic ticket lawyer is a must.

    Driving Without Insurance

    A minimum fine for driving without insurance is $6,250.00. Plus licence suspension and vehicle impoundment. Stakes are too high to go court alone. Hire a knowledgeable traffic ticket paralegal to save your driving privilege and bank account.

    Disobey Stop Sign

    Don’t hurry up to pay the fine and plead guilty if you received a disobey stop sign ticket. Such conviction is a strong reason for the insurance company to increase your rates for the nearest 3 years.

    Stunt Driving

    Driving too fast, performing stunts etc., will result in hefty fines (up to $10,000), vehicle impoundment, possible imprisonment and +6 demerit points on your driving record. If you are charged with stunt driving, call your trusted traffic ticket lawyer as soon as possible. Legal representation is obligatory.

    Fail to Remain

    Once you’ve got a fail to remain ticket, the best option for you is to seek legal help. Relying on yourself is not a good idea, because it’s a very serious offence. You may face imprisonment, licence suspension, + 7 demerit points, and you can be penalized for up to $2,500. Get a FREE consultation as soon as possible!

    Improper Driving Violations

    Improper driving violation charges are more complicated than they appear. Check possible options on your case with X-COPS for free.

    Distracted Driving

    Texting to your friend while driving may cost you too much: minimum fine of $615, 3 demerit points and licence suspension. An offence for distracted driving will stay on your driving abstract for 3 years. Get expert advice from a traffic ticket paralegal to increase your chances of getting your case dismissed.

    Seat Belt Ticket

    Seat belt tickets have their own specifics. Fight your ticket only with a traffic ticket specialist, who can help to eliminate the consequences.

    Driving Without a License

    Driving without a licence is a serious offence that carries a penalty of a fine between $200 and $1,000, and vehicle impoundment + insurance company will utilize your conviction to increase your premiums. Don’t go to court alone!

    Speeding Tickets

    After getting slapped with a speeding ticket the best course of action is calling your reliable traffic ticket lawyer who knows how to reduce your charge.

    HOV Lane Ticket

    Carpool offence may contribute 3 demerit points to your driving abstract and make you pay a fine of $110 + it’ll definitely affect your insurance rates. Chose to fight your ticket.

    We’re On Your Side

    X-COPS – your credible traffic lawyers in Milton! We are here to:

    Save your money

    Often paying even not so big fine and pleading guilty involves not only additional demerit points on your driving record. It also dramatically affects your insurance rates for years. X-COPS is aiming to eliminate your charges as much as possible to avoid additional financial load on you.

    Save your time

    We’ve provided over 20 years of aggressive traffic ticket defence on behalf of our clients. Our customers got thousands of “Not guilty” verdicts even not attending a court. You don’t need to worry about anything – we’ll take care of all paperwork and court procedures by ourselves.

    Save your driver’s licence

    Nowadays, most of us cannot imagine our life without a car. It has already become like a family member who can help you in any situation that requires drive someone from point A to point B. It can drive you to your office, your children – to school, and if needed – to a doctor. It’s very convenient. But when we lose this opportunity, we suffer because our life becomes more complicated. In X-COPS, we’re striving to make our customers happy as we understand the importance of driving freedom. That’s why our specialists are prepared to provide you with a strong defence against all types of traffic tickets.

    David M.

    Fighting my cell phone ticket with X-cops was easy and convenient. I was able to electronically submit my ticket with the court by simply sending a picture of my ticket to X-cops. I was informed about every step of the process and important dates via email and text messages. Very happy with a service and final result of my case dismissed. Highly recommended paralegal service.

    Ksenia V.

    I was involved in an accident where I received a Careless Driving charge. X-Cops advised me of all possible consequences and steps necessary to be taken to get the best possible result. I was able to save demerit points, reduce my total payable fine and prevent my insurance rate from being increased. Very reliable and professional service.

    Nuno R.

    X-cops helped me deal with charges for driving without insurance and driving while my licence was suspended. I could never imagine that paralegals could be so meticulous and find deficiencies with how I was charged with above mentioned offences which ultimately considered them nil and not valid. Successful dismissal is a result I least expected. These guys know what they are doing.

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