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    X-COPS – a professional firm with deep expertise and years of successful work associated with driving violations and paralegal services. Our core specialization lies specifically in traffic offences and charges of varying complexity (according to the Highway Traffic Act). We’ve managed to combine the unmatched background of former police officers with the practical knowledge and skill of our lawyers and paralegals. The results of this equation are astonishing… and clearly displayed in our 98% success rate.

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    • We are traffic tickets veteransWe’ve been involved in traffic ticket defence in court for such a long time that some of our team members treat it as their life mission. Seriously, over 20 years of intense practice.

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    Failing To Stop For A School Bus

    Every time you meet a school bus – stop before reaching it. Otherwise, the outcomes will be really disappointing. This is a severe offence, resulting in 6 demerit points, a fine of up to $4,000, possible jail time and licence suspension. We don’t recommend fighting such tickets alone.

    Failure To Stop At Red Light

    Failing to stop at a red light can cost you minimum $350 (fine) and 3 demerit points. A conviction will increase your insurance premiums dramatically. Consider consulting with a traffic lawyer before pleading guilty.

    Failure To Report An Accident

    This traffic violation is quite tricky and requires good knowledge of traffic laws. If you fail to prove you’re not guilty, you may end up with a fine, demerit points and increased insurance for the next 6 years.

    Failure To Move Over For Emergency Vehicle

    Penalties for failing to move over tickets (for the 1st conviction) are: 3 demerit points, fine up to $2,000 and it stays on your driving record for 3 years. Subsequent convictions will lead to higher fines, imprisonment up to 6 months and possible licence suspension. Don’t tempt fate, call your qualified legal professional.

    Careless Driving

    This is a very serious offence involving fines from $490, 6 demerit points, jail time and licence suspension. A conviction for careless driving that caused death or bodily harm will lead to much more severe consequences.

    Driving Under Suspension

    Once you’ve got a ticket for driving under suspension, it’s essential to consult with a traffic ticket paralegal. Such offence will stay on your driving record forever + huge penalties – all these can make your bank account empty.

    Driving Without Insurance

    This is one of the most “widespread” violations in Canada. But it is also a costly one – minimum fine is $6,250.00. It doesn’t bring any demerit points, but it can negatively affect your chances of getting a governmental job. Hire a trusted traffic ticket lawyer who can help you to sort out your case.

    Disobey Stop Sign

    Insurance companies consider disobeying traffic signs as major violations. So, they can easily raise your rates for the next 3 years.

    Stunt Driving

    Charges for stunt driving may include jail time, vehicle impoundment, fines up to $10,000 (+25% victim surcharge) and licence suspension. Obviously, legal representation in court is a must.

    Fail to Remain

    We do not recommend pleading guilty. There is always something that can be done to reduce the charge or to avoid harsh penalties (7 demerit points, licence suspension and jail time). Call X-COPS for a free consultation!

    Improper Driving Violations

    Even though the penalties are not so high, don’t take improper driving tickets lightly. A conviction on your record may influence the insurance rates you pay. Check possible outcomes for you with a reliable traffic ticket paralegal.

    Distracted Driving

    Cell phone ticket leads to a fine of min. $610 + 3 demerit points + licence suspension. Do you still want to go to court alone?

    Seat Belt Ticket

    Any seat belt violation will stay on your driving record for 3 years. Moreover, it may bring you 2 demerit points and a fine up to $1,000. Get legal advice from a traffic ticket expert to check how to eliminate the consequences.

    Driving Without a License

    Failure to produce a valid driver’s licence when asked by a policeman can lead to the following penalties: max. fine $1,000 + vehicle seizure + conviction on your record for 3 years. Insurance premiums’ increase is unavoidable! Check your possible options with a licensed paralegal.

    Speeding Tickets

    Speeding infraction of 50 km/h over the maximum-posted limit will dramatically affect your insurance rates by at least 100% per year. Save your wallet with the help of a traffic ticket expert.

    HOV Lane Ticket

    Always choose to fight your HOV lane ticket. A conviction will lead to 3 demerit points, a $110 fine and an increase in insurance rates.

    We’re on your side:

    X-COPS – your trusted traffic ticket defender in Oakville, Ontario! We are trained to do our best to:

    Save your money

    Due to the expertise of our traffic ticket paralegals, thousands of our customers received “Not guilty” court decisions or reduced their charges. That helped them to avoid huge expenditures for fines and increased insurance premiums.

    Save your time

    We will represent you throughout the entire legal process. So you don’t need to spend your precious time on document preparations and court procedures. Don’t lose a day of work or family days; we’ll go to court for you.

    Save your driver’s licence

    We understand that losing your driving licence or ability to drive equals losing comfort in life. This is a complete disaster if you can’t get to work on time, drive to your parents or out of the city. We know it because we’re humans, just the same as you. But we’re also professionals who helped a lot of people like you to save their driving privilege. X-COPS is always working towards the best possible outcome in cases of any complexity.

    David M.

    Fighting my cell phone ticket with X-cops was easy and convenient. I was able to electronically submit my ticket with the court by simply sending a picture of my ticket to X-cops. I was informed about every step of the process and important dates via email and text messages. Very happy with a service and final result of my case dismissed. Highly recommended paralegal service.

    Ksenia V.

    I was involved in an accident where I received a Careless Driving charge. X-Cops advised me of all possible consequences and steps necessary to be taken to get the best possible result. I was able to save demerit points, reduce my total payable fine and prevent my insurance rate from being increased. Very reliable and professional service.

    Nuno R.

    X-cops helped me deal with charges for driving without insurance and driving while my licence was suspended. I could never imagine that paralegals could be so meticulous and find deficiencies with how I was charged with above mentioned offences which ultimately considered them nil and not valid. Successful dismissal is a result I least expected. These guys know what they are doing.

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