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Barrie Speeding Ticket

Speeding is a prevalent issue in Barrie, as it is in Ontario province. Adhering to the Highway Traffic Act, section 128, all drivers must comply with designated speed limits and avoid surpassing them.

In Barrie, if no speed limit signs are posted, the general limits are as follows:

  • 50 km/h in municipal areas encompassing cities, towns, and villages, as well as built-up regions.
  • 80 km/h in other areas lacking specific speed limit signs.

While speeding in Ontario may initially appear as a minor offence, the consequences can be far from inconsequential. Potential penalties include fines of up to $1,000, accumulation of up to 6 demerit points, and inflated insurance rates.

Let’s get to the details!

Penalties for Barrie Speeding Ticket (Ontario)

In Barrie, the penalties for exceeding the speed limit are scaled according to the degree by which drivers surpass the posted limits. Here’s a breakdown of the potential consequences:

  • Demerit points:
    • Speeding up to 15 km/h over the limit does not entail demerit points.
    • Speeding 16-29 km/h over the limit results in 3 demerit points.
    • Speeding 30-49 km/h over the limit results in 4 demerit points.
    • Exceeding the speed limit by 50 km/h or more entails 6 demerit points and is categorized as stunt driving, which entails more severe repercussions.
  • Fines: The speeding fines depend on how many km/h you are over the speed limit (+ court fee & victim fine surcharge to be added):
    • Fines start at $2.50 per km/h for speeds 1-19 km/h over the limit.
    • $3.75 per km/h for 20-29 km/h over the limit.
    • $6.00 per km/h for 30-49 km/h over the limit.
    • For speeds 50 km/h or more above the limit, fines begin at $9.75 per km/h. These cases cannot be settled out of court.
  • Licence suspension:
    • No suspension for speeding 1-29 km/h over the limit.
    • A 30-day licence suspension is possible for novice drivers (G1, G2) who exceed the speed limit by 30-50 km/h or more.
  • A conviction for speeding will stay on your driving record forever, but it will be visible to your insurance for three years.
  • Increased insurance rates:
    • Speeding violations involving 0 to 3 demerit points may lead to increased car insurance premiums for up to 3 years.
    • Accumulating 3 or more points can result in a 100% increase in insurance premiums, with the potential for this increase to extend beyond 3 years, depending on the insurer. Such speeding is considered a major violation and an absolute liability offence.

Things to Know About Barrie Speeding Tickets:

  • there are no 1 or 2 point speeding offences – only 0, 3, 4 and 6.
  • speeding 0 – 49 km/hr over the speed limit will be issued on Part I – Offence Notice, with an ‘out of court set fine’.
  • any speeds in a Community Safety Zone will be dealt with in the same manner; however, the fines will double.
  • with speeds 50 km/h and 35 km/h over posted speed limit in a Community Safety Zone the officer will issue a Part III summons to appear in court.
  • speeding infraction of 50 km/h over the maximum-posted limit will dramatically affect your insurance rates by at least 100% per year. This is an absolute liability offence and is considered a major violation. 

When fighting speeding tickets it is imperative that you are familiar with the speed-measuring device used by a police officer at the time. In order to prove the alleged traffic ticket fine, the officer has to complete specific obligations before evidence is accepted as accurate. The equipment used may change depending on different police agencies.

Barrie Speeding Ticket Fines 2024 & Demerit Points

In Ontario, the fines and demerit points for speeding depend on how fast you were driving over the speed limit. Here is up-to-date information (as of 1 January, 2024) from Highway Traffic Act, Schedule 43:

Over speed limitFine amount
(per km/h)
Demerit points
1-15 km/h$2.500 demerit points
16-19 km/h$2.503 demerit points
20-29 km/h$3.753 demerit points
30-49 km/h$6.004 demerit points
50+ km/hno out of court settlement6 demerit points

Important: accumulating demerit points can lead to additional penalties, such as licence suspensions or increased insurance premiums.

Barrie Speeding Ticket Fines 2024 & Demerit Points – Community Safety Zone

In Ontario, speeding fines are increased when speeding occurs in a designated Community Safety Zone. Demerit points are the same as regular speeding. Here are the breakdown of the fines:

Over speed limitFine amount
(per km/h)
Demerit points
1-15 km/h$5.000 demerit points
16-19 km/h$5.003 demerit points
20-29 km/h$7.503 demerit points
30-49 km/h$12.004 demerit points
50+ km/hno out of court settlement6 demerit points

The fines for speeding in a Community Safety Zone are higher than regular ones because they are designated to emphasize the importance of maintaining a safe speed in areas where pedestrian safety is a top priority. Community Safety Zones are typically designated in areas near schools, parks, and other locations with high pedestrian activity.

Having some relatives or rookie paralegals “selling the best advice” when you ask them quick advice with questions like: “How to get out of a speeding ticket?” or “How to beat a speeding ticket?” or something in this fashion. But unfortunately, it’s not that easy, and in most cases, they will do you a disservice.

Generally, working with an experienced speeding ticket paralegal is the best practice for anyone interested in reducing risks of gettings maximum fines and demerit points in court.

Also, here are a few things to remember:

  • Every case is different. Hence, fighting your first speeding ticket in Barrie cannot be based on the process your friend’s speeding lawyer or paralegal used in the past to help them out. Well, the actual process is almost the same when it comes to administrative work to be done; however, utilizing the most suitable approach or tactic in each specific situation is exactly where the magic happens.
  • Most Canada speeding tickets must be filed with the court within 15 days to request a meeting with a prosecutor or trial date depending on a court location.
  • A lot of people think that showing up to trial will result in automatic speed rate reduction which will ultimately reduce their demerit points, but often once police officer was requested to show up in court, prosecutors must proceed with a trial process and fighting a speeding ticket can result in less than favourable results to you and your future driving record.
  • Prior to your early meeting with a prosecutor, you should request or obtain a police officer’s evidence that will be used in court to prove your guilt in committing a speeding offence. 

How to Fight a Speeding Ticket in Barrie

  1. Seek legal help: Engaging the expertise of a Barrie speeding ticket lawyer or paralegal is paramount. Their guidance significantly boosts your chances of achieving a positive outcome compared to navigating court proceedings alone.
  2. Initiate court proceedings: File your ticket with the court to obtain a date with a prosecutor. This allows for potential discussions on reducing your speeding ticket to a lower speed, resulting in fewer or zero demerit points. Be aware that fighting a Barrie speeding ticket entails attending court multiple times, potentially requiring time off from work. However, by enlisting a legal professional, they can represent you on your behalf.
  3. Trial preparation: Arrive at trial equipped to address every detail surrounding the day you were caught speeding. Be ready to question the police officer about relevant facts pertaining to your speeding ticket. Such inquiries can help establish alternative perspectives that challenge the officer’s account.

Remember, courts have encountered various explanations, ranging from urgent restroom needs to aiding sick friends. Craft a compelling argument supported by relevant facts to present your case effectively.

Potential Defences to Fight Speeding Tickets in Barrie

When disputing a speeding ticket, which is an absolute liability offence, there are two plausible defences. However, bear in mind that meeting the high standard of proof for these excuses can be demanding. Let’s explore them:

  • “Perceived danger”: If you genuinely believed your life was at risk and dialed 911 while being followed by a mysterious vehicle through a dimly lit alley, this defense could be considered.
  • “Saving a life”: In situations where you were the sole individual capable of potentially rescuing someone’s life, with no alternative but to exceed the speed limit, the significance of breaking the law to save another person’s life surpasses the act of speeding itself.

Employing a skilled lawyer to contest your speeding ticket can prove to be a valuable investment, reaping substantial rewards in terms of time and money.

X-COPS team comprises exceptional speeding ticket lawyers, paralegals, former police officers, and prosecutors dedicated to helping individuals fight speeding tickets across Ontario. Rest assured, even if it’s your first case, we’re here to assist you every step of the way!

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