Mandatory Breathalyzer Ontario New Regulations: Explained by DUI Lawyers

Since 1 May 2024, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have intensified their efforts against impaired driving in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) by enforcing mandatory alcohol screening (MAS) during every traffic stop. 

This measure comes as impaired driving charges and related collisions have surged by nearly 30% across the Ontario province compared to the past five-year average. In the GTA, there is about a 50% increase in impaired driving crashes this year already compared to the previous 5 years. 

It is worth mentioning that this initiative utilizes the expanded powers granted by Canada’s Mandatory Alcohol Screening laws, which were amended in 2018 and allow for breath tests without initial suspicion of impairment.

How the New Mandatory Breathalyzer Regulation Works in Ontario

  • The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) will conduct Mandatory Alcohol Screening (MAS) during every traffic stop. So, if you’re stopped for speeding, careless driving, distracted driving, seat belt offences, etc.,or anytime you’re stopped by the OPP HSD, you’ll also be required to provide a breath sample.
  • Areas of implementation: the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Hamilton Area.
  • You cannot refuse to provide a breath sample.
  • Consequences of failure or refusing to provide a breath sample:
  • You must comply with Ontario alcohol limits, otherwise, you may face DUI charges and harsh impaired driving penalties

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Here we've prepared a short list of frequently asked questions in order to provide quick answers to anyone who's looking for information associated with the topic. If you need more clarification, please don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

👉Can you refuse a breathalyzer in Ontario?

No, refusing a breathalyzer when requested by a police officer in Ontario can result in criminal charges.

👉What happens if you choose not to provide a breath sample?

Not providing a breath sample can lead to immediate consequences including a 90-day licence suspension, 7-day vehicle impoundment, fines, and criminal charges.

👉What is the MAS - mandatory alcohol screening Ontario?

MAS (Mandatory Alcohol Screening) allows police to demand a breath sample from any driver they stop, without needing suspicion of alcohol consumption, as part of efforts to reduce impaired driving.

👉Are breathalyzers mandatory in Ontario?

es, Mandatory Alcohol Screening (MAS) is required in Ontario. Police officers can demand a breath sample from any driver they stop, without needing a specific suspicion of impairment.

Thank you!