Failing To Stop For A School Bus

School Bus Ticket

One of the most important things for each parent is its children’s safety. And the overall responsibility of our society is to preserve it in all possible ways. That’s why Ontario courts and the HTA developed a wide range of laws related to this matter. 

We’ll highlight the main sections of the Highway Traffic Act dealing with school buses.

  • Meeting with a school bus on a highway is regulated by section 175(11). According to it when meeting a stopped school bus with flashing lights on, every driver should stop before reaching it and proceed only after the bus moves or turns off the signal.
  • Approaching the school bus falls under section 175(12). It states that approaching a stopped school bus with flashing red lights, a driver should stop at least 20 meters away and keep moving only when the bus started its movement or turned off the red lights. 

In short, every time you meet/approach a stopped school bus with red lights on – stop before reaching it. 

Follow these laws at any time (not only during school hours), on every road regardless of the number of lanes and speed limits. Prosecutors and judges believe that those who are failing to stop for a school bus and get school bus tickets endanger our children. It is treated as a very serious offence and consequences are often very severe.

Penalties for passing a stopped school bus:

  • 6 demerit points;
  • First offence
    • fine from $400 to a maximum $2,000;
    • 30 days licence suspension;
  • Subsequent offences
    • fine from $1,000 to $4,000; or
    • Imprisonment for max. 6 months;
    • or both;
    • 90 days licence suspension or cancellation (after 3rd offence).

No doubts your insurance rates will be increased massively. A conviction for passing a school bus with stop sign out will remain on your driving record for 3 years. 

How To Fight School Bus Violation Tickets

We’re always honest with you. And this time we even don’t want to suggest fighting tickets for passing school bus alone. Here the support of professional traffic ticket paralegal is required. 

As informed, prosecutors won’t drop such serious cases. Trial is unavoidable in most situations. And it’s advisable to prepare a very strong defence strategy. In addition, you should try to prove that the signal was not activated (or not visible) or the bust was stopped in an improper way or you didn’t have a clear view, etc. 

Tickets for not stopping for school bus are the most disputed in the court. Each element of the charge requires detailed study and discussion with a knowledgeable traffic lawyer. Every case is special and there are its own specifics. So, you cannot just go to Google and search “what to say at trial”. 

So, once you’ve been charged with failure to yield to school bus ticket, immediately contact X-COPS for a free consultation. We’re a trusted team with over 20 years of experience in this sphere, with 98% success rate in court. We give our clients straightforward advice and never give unrealistic promises. Remember that a needless guilty plea may lead to consequences that will change your life for years. 

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